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We are happy to discuss digital marketing projects with you on a project or hourly basis. See our Services page for details. However, our most popular service is an Initial Analysis of your digital marketing in which we:

  • Externally analyze your website, search engine position, and social media.
  • Set up a one-hour phone call with you to discuss your digital marketing. This will be our opportunity to together run through the Eight Pillars of Digital Marketing step by step, analyzing not just how you are doing but what you could improve upon.
  • Create a one-page report that analyzes your digital marketing and makes recommendations for you to proceed, based on your individual situation and needs.

You receive four hours of our time and concrete recommendations for proceeding. Your investment is only $500 and one hour of your time. Yes, this is a precursor to potential future work together. However, the consultation and report are incredibly valuable and you are under no obligation to hire us for any additional services.

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